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SNLDebateSaturday Night Live’s debate sketch featuring a furious Clinton and idolized Obama brought up controversy for the candidates and the show. SNL came back on the air after a three month hiatus due the the writer’s strike. The SNL cast proved they were ready to jump right into the political scene.

The democratic race is really close and may have candidates looking for every opportunity to state their case. Senator Hillary Clinton used an SNL skit as an example of how the media presents a bias toward Obama. Clinton felt she was not receiving equal treatment at the debate held in Texas this month. Clinton told moderators, “In the last several debates I seem to get the first question all the time, I don’t mind. I’ll be happy to field it. I just find it curious if anybody saw `Saturday Night Live,’ maybe we should ask Barack if he’s comfortable and needs another pillow.” The Daily Show took it a step further this week when they joked that Clinton’s paranoia was not wrong as they reported from Anti-Hillary HQ.

Tina FeySNL tried to level the playing field when host Tina Fey pledged her support for Clinton. Fey stated that while Hillary may be considered a bitch, “Bitches got things done, yo, and that’s why Hillary would be a good president. So I’m sayin, it’s not too late, Texas and Ohio, get on board! Bitch is the new black!”

The idea of media bias may have to do with celebrities sharing their opinions with the press. Obama has definitely rallied a lot of celebrity backing. Everyone from Oprah Winfrey, Matt Damon and comedian Stephen Colbert have pledged their support along with a slew of others. While Hillary has her own list of supporters she also sports a short list of celebrities willing to come out against her for her stance on the Iraq war. I expect (and hope) voters rely more on a candidate’s presentation or stance on a particular issue than celebrity testimony. I am sure celebrity endorsements makes a difference to some though. It may simply be a matter of exposure. Celebrities can reach an audience not normally tuning into debates or the nightly newscast. It is like the old saying, ‘no press is bad press’.

FredSNL is also in the forefront for casting actor Fred Armisen from Chicago in the role of Obama. The choice has some viewers up in arms. Bloggers argue that the role should have gone to one of the casts many black actors.

The media backlash is a bit of a surprise considering this is a common trend for SNL. Darrell Hammond played Reverend Jesse Jackson and Billy Crystal was cast as Sammy Davis Jr. Crystal’s impersonation is considered the most flawless in SNL history.

This is just SNL up to their old tricks. Is it wrong? -Probably. Is it offensive? -To some. I’d be really interested to hear what people had to say about his performance and whether the actor’s race really makes a difference.


WGA announced an end to the writers’ strike on Friday; although they won some battles they did not win the war. Slate uncovered the details of the deal and how the compromise is a little sweeter for the studios.

Writers’ managed to make a few strides such as increasing their revenue on downloads. They were promised to be paid for online rentals from Apple. Writers gained a little more control over their material made directly for the Internet.

Here is is where the writers got screwed:

They have small fixed payment for streaming content for the next two years. In the third year it “jumps” to 2% from a fixed revenue amount (not the actual grosses, only $40,000). Even if revenue is more than $40,000 a writer will not make more than $800.

Essentially the word “percent” was just thrown in there for show. The writers will still be getting a meager wage. Negotiators threw the word “percent” in there so they feel like they have a leg up for their next time contracts run out three years from now.

tina-fey.jpgStudios can run material on the Internet for up to three weeks before they have to pay anything to writers. I know if I miss an episode of The Office or Heroes I am going to try to watch it within the week before the next new one airs. -That is what the studios are hoping for as well.

The end of the strike is a relief for writers who are happy to go back to work and viewers happy to regain this sorely missed entertainment source. NPR’s Kim Masters explained that many viewers turned to video rentals and the Internet as an alternate entertainment source.

TV Guide explained what is in the future for this season. A few shows promise to get back on the air while others are on hiatus until next Fall.

A couple of highlights:

SNL returns February 23 with host Tina Fey.

The Office is expected to shoot six more episodes and air them April 10th.

Heroes will not be reappearing until Fall.