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Jason Segel is giving the Muppets a proper resurrection. The Muppets have been virtually ignored since bought by the Disney Company except some merchandising. Segel announced this week he has completed a script for the movie rumored for release in 2010. 

As a die-hard Muppet fan myself, Segel is not be my first choice to take the reigns of the discarded franschise but it could be worse. Segel has made a career being a loveable, quirky geek who doesn’t mind standing naked for a few laughs.  In addition to having some qualities that resemble charm, he seems to have a genuine love of puppets. He insisted that Judd Apatow include a scene from a play for puppets he had written entitled “Dracula’s Lament”.

The muppet movie will feature a recyled plot: think The Muppets take Manhattan meets Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. The old beloved Muppet theatre is under threat of destruction by an evil oil moonger. The focus will be on the traditional (aka pre Disney) characters like Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Fozzie. 

As a lifelong devotee to all things Muppets and Jim Henson reltaed everything sound good right now but I have plenty of reason to worry. Rumors of a revival have been a long time coming. -But Disney and Segel are trying to rewrite 50+ year old characters for a generation that never grew up with them. Muppets also have had a series of made for TV/straight to DVD flops: Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa, Muppet Wizard of Oz, etc. 

Jason Segel_Sarah Marshall

Segel has to make up for a decade of bad desicions by the Disney Company. 

<- I do think if you had a way to tell Jim Henson Disney is putting this man in charge of the Muppets next movie he would spin in his grave.

It may be scary but I realize he is the Muppets best hope for a revival.


There has been an onslaught of 3D films; it is hard to Nightmaredifferentiate whether 3D films are suppose to make films interactive or merely fill seats. A complete list of 3D movies track the first movie back to 1915 entitled Jim the Penman. Since then it has been a mix of theme park attractions and theatre special releases.

Since then a select few of classics have been featured using the technology including the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Jaws and Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas. Most of the time it happens after the original release or simultaneously with normal runs at select theaters.

A few movies like Neil Gaiman’s Beowulf were specifically made for 3D. The story was well written but I have to admit the graphics and the 3D made it a lot more appealing than any other run of the mill action film.

Hannah Montana Miley Ray CyrusThere are two concerts Hannah Montana and U2 that have had huge box office success this month. Part of Hannah Montana’s concert success may be because tickets range from 15 to 18 dollars. It did have a lot of sold out crowds the first week though at least in my area.

U2 has lesser success except among his fan base. He has an excellent message of peace and a strong presence. Viewers may get the sense that he is seconds from ruling the world when they see how the audience receives him at the concert.

These movies really have nothing to them if it were not for the appeal of 3D. 3D has made some improvements since I saw the Thriller 3D experience as a kid; that scared the crap out of me.

It is easy to debate whether 3D is the future of the cinema. The answer is flat out no until they fix a number of problems. First lose the glasses. Some theaters are no long stuck using the paper blue and red monstrousities but still no one can feel that cool sitting in a theater with thick sunglasses. Second make a viable home theater option.

The trend of turning classics into 3D movies makes for a great experience. The film should have something to offer besides just being in 3D. I am looking out for the masses by avoiding another Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

Meet the Spartans is a perfect example of why there are no new ideas in the media or entertainment industry. Even the most innovative ideas have some source. Creatures from horror movies, romantic comedies and twist endings may seem new but are only modernized classics. It is no surprise that there is now an entire chain of movies that relies on that concept.

Most people over the age of 13 think that spoofs are a bad concept. They have a few “ha” moments, if they get lucky, but taking something a lot of people have seen and tearing it apart only appeals to a select few. Why would I have any interest in watching 300, to begin with, if I am just going to watch a spoof? Not every movie has to be intellectually stimulating or some timeless classic but nobody is going to sit through a movie if it isn’t appealing or entertaining.

Meet the Spartans

The latest installment of the spoof genre, Meet the Spartans, is no exception. Its predecessors, Scary Movie, Date Movie and Epic Movie, became a competition to see which filmmaker can be more obscene. There were no attempts at scriptwriting, with the movie being a word-for-word copy of 300 with a stupid gay joke, sexual reference or celebrity appearance added every third line.

I really don’t think I need to state much evidence to my argument that spoofs are social commentary at its worse. They pretty much speak for themselves. As a society, we indulge in a lot of silly obsessions: celebrity watching and a cruel sense of humor including dick and fart jokes. I am not saying those don’t have their place, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith has made quite an entertaining career out of the latter, but I am saying these jokes are more enjoyable with some kind of plot behind the movie, even to a twelve-year old boy. Half an hour or more of dick and fart jokes is painful for any self-respecting person to sit through.

I am not saying it is wrong to make fun of trends or celebrities. Britney, K Fed and Paris all deserve some heckling. It isn’t smart to give them more attention than the opening line on late night show, however.

Speaking of spoofs, I read this article on censorship and thought it was quite entertaining.

I’m No Perez Hilton

Movie Kisses

After some deep consideration I decided to reboot my efforts to make a half interesting blog. That being said I realized the plights of my social and academic life interest only myself and a select handful of my good friends. I do live in a world saturated by the ever changing media world. I am a viewer, a distributor (that might be a stretch in some people’s eyes) and a student with high hopes of some kind of career dealing with the media.

Although my job 99% of the time is full time babysitter to a bunch of sixteen year olds , I am required to be an articulate critic and manage some promotional material. I find a lot of the time I can notice something in a movie, play, song, etc that others don’t and I have wanted a platform where I can make my arguments.

I am not a history buff pointing of the number of historical inaccuracies in The Patriot, to which there are a lot. I am not arguing that the movie industry has to be correct about every fact, it’s entertainment, not a history or science classroom. I just know when something doesn’t feel right.