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Every Fall a new lineup of shows emerge which audience can pick their favorites including the quirky Arrested Development. Although, some are innovative shows that break free from the sitcom formula they have little chances for survival.

Arrested DevelopmentTV execs are now relying on turning shows that have some cult appeal directly to DVD, on demand or online venues. When shows that have a loyal following slump in the ratings producers purposely cancel the show with plans to later release it.

In an interview with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Paramount Home video Vice President of Publicity, Martin Blyth said, “There’s no question that studios are running out of catalog theatrical movies to release. There are only so many special edition revisits you can do. Television catalog in addition to the new television product is taking up the slack.”

There is further hope for the future of one tragically missed series, Arrested Development. Fans cry out for rumors of a movie version to come true. MSNBC’s host Keith Olbermann even got into the action with his segment “Come On”.


Rest in Peace HD

There was an official announcement today that put thebourne_identity_hddvd_box.jpg final nail in HD’s coffin. Although HD was the more affordable option, a reported $229-329 versus the $1000 Blue Ray (or the $600 PS3) it finally admitted defeat.

Toshiba even had a limited offer to have players available for $100 at Walmart.

Friday Walmart changed the deal and switched entirely to Blue Ray. In addition, Best Buy and Netflicks recently announced their switch to Blue Ray after months of stocking both.

Toshiba stands to lose millions when they leave the DVD market.

Another blogger has speculated about the possible outcomes for Toshiba. -And no word yet why Toshiba’s presence in the market can’t save them.

-At least I got to see the Bourne Supremacy in HD.