rs997american-idol-judges-rolling-stone-no-997-april-2006-posters.jpgTelevision has been invaded by a complete lineup of reality shows like American Idol. Reality programs bought the studios some time during the writers strike but everyone can already sense the trend will continue. Studios like the cheaply ran options like American Gladiators and only have to spend money on a select few programs.

A couple of series have created a dynasty that I am afraid will never die. American Idol continues its seventh season manufacturing another set of pop icons. Big Brother starts its ninth season doing whatever it does, what that is I am still not sure. Survivor may be running out of exotic hot spots. My bet is they will soon have to send the guests to Survivor Disneyland.

office-with-toby.jpgSitcoms have had a fair run but the market for new ones is quickly dying out. 30 Rock and The Office have a stronghold in the genre. Those two cant hold it down forever.

Sitcoms for the most part have become formulaic drones. I am just hoping for a third comedic option. Don’t make me choose between the two anymore.

I feel like I am stuck in the middle of Idiocracy. Soon we will all be laughing at the hit program Ow! My Balls!.