This season’s blockbusters were little more than big budget popcorn flicks. Even though that is a summer tradition there is generally a little more substance or at least one noteworthy superhero flick to fall back on. This summer was void of anything that could compete with 2008’s  “Ironman”, “Dark Knight” or “Wall-e”.

A select films made an impact this summer but I would argue they lack a sort of timelessness. The highlights for me this summer included District 9, Pixar’s UP! and Inglorious Basterds.

David Bloomer/TriStar Pictures

David Bloomer/TriStar Pictures

District 9 the sci fi thriller with a twist was filmed in the shake cam, documentary style first showcased in megaplexes in 2008’s “Cloverfield”. They style is under control better and had less movie patrons running from the theatre towards to nearest toliet. It still gave me a massive headache though. As NPR reviewer Jeannette Catsoulis, pointed out the story is strong and has strong parallels to apartheid it still remains original. Wikus Van Der Merwe (Sharlto Copley), is a unexpectedly strong in the lead.

UP! I am sure this is not as uncommon as I think. I went to see UP! 3D in a theatre and during on of the sadder moments, where I was sweetly daydreaming about my life and spending the rest of my days with my fiance when a man in the back row started loudly sobbing. While it ruined the moment it actually didn’t ruin the movie.   It was partially excusable but of what a tear jerker this turned out to be. It was kind of disheartening that all of this bitter sweet emotion was packed into a movie meant for kids. I am a big supporter of the fact that kids can handle things and understand them better than most adults give them credit for I am not sure how I could have handled it a few years ago.

Inglorious Basterds revisits Tarantino’s lust for bloody, humor. It parallels to the Kill Bill series in the ways that is totally over the top. Brad Pitt is cast perfectly. I have argued with numerous people that he does much better when he isn’t the leading man. He is cast as the comic relief and excels most when the pressure is off and he can roll with his character acting.  As Tarantino, evolves it is wonderful to see his creativity. He seems to be getting crazier though. Watching him in interviews you can tell how intelligent yet ADD he is. This random interview from 2009 Comic Con presents my case well.