It takes a lot to get me to have any interest in any television program that I haven’t been a long time fan. -But I was stuck in a car and indluging in my obession with NPR.  There was a very interesting interview with creator Ryan Murphy, who is best know for his series Nip Tuck. 

I noticed the show’s premiere episode was available on Hulu. It seemed like fate. Coming in expecting very little, I am sorry to say overall I was disappointed. The problem I have with the show is a fairly common: the characters are blantant stereotypes of their subculture.  I can’t really blame the series for that because nearly every show does that. But none of the characters seemed really interesting enough to continue following.

The two lead students Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) and Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) have tremedous singing talent. I specify “singing” because the show flauters elsewhere. The acting was a little over the top which definitely should not phase those willing to stick around after American Idol.

I am willing to give it a second chance but part of me is wishing the show could be condensed into a ten minute preview of the casts’ singing, not that this world needs another American Idol.