Superman didn’t make the cut this summer for a good reason. Right now superheroes all have something all in common, they are not perfect, not even close.

The summer box office started off being dominated by the womanizing, boozer and weapons distributor Tony Stark (the perfect role for Robert Downey Jr’s comeback). He was cruel and sarcastic but like most nerds I could sit around watching Mr. Downey fly around in that suit for hours.

The end of the Iron Man movie does have a special scene at the end of the credits. The versions on YouTube are horrible quality. I must warn you if you are not a fan of the comics it is best to go and save yourself those six minutes of credits. -To sum it up Marvel is trying something different, they are working on melding all their movies to fit into the Marvel universe a.k.a. a lot more superhero movies are in the works and they all will be interconnected. It should be interesting.

The Incredible Hulk promises to make up for the 2003 edition “Hulk”. I saw that version twice and lived to tell about but I promise it wasn’t pretty. I don’t wish that on my worse enemy. Ang Lee was scrapped and the franchise got a fresh start and a whole new cast. Edward Norton plays the emotionally unstable Eric Banner on the run from the military. I don’t want people to write off Hulk or Marvel because the past installment; I promise this one will repair some of those broken hearts and settle the queasy stomachs.


Hulk Smash

See the difference!? Trust me, it’s worth it!

Everyday I walk into the movies and Dark Knight is not in theaters it kills me a little bit inside. I keep telling myself that there is only a month to go but that day never will come soon enough.

This video clip will over excite movie nerds who have been (un)patiently awaiting for the moment of truth, the pinnacle of our movie viewing existence, The Dark Knight movie: The Two Face Teaser I know all the buzz surrounding this movie have been about the Joker and Heath Ledger’s last completed film. His role promises to be very twisted and brings Joker back to his roots as a homocide maniac as oppossed to well, a joke.