As an avid lover (and loser) of poker, viewing the trailer for 21 it seemed that the movie was produced with me in mind. I was willing to ignore while viewing that Kate Bosworth needs to eat a bagel or something. The fast paced blackjack tribute had its flaws but retained enough of the original story, a preview is available on freepress, to be entertaining.

The Boston Globe and Boston Magazine both outed the book and the movie for including bogus information. Publishers are now owning up to their original mistake of running it as nonfiction as more of the involved parties come out and confess the embellishments are way off their mark, and most scenes never occurred.

This movie has received some negative reviews because it replaced the smart and nerdy characters with beautiful people. I definitely see their point. There has to be some steps missing in the middle. I am not saying it is negative to think people with a 4.3 GPA and near perfect scores on the SAT can’t be attractive. I just can not ever imagine anyone picking on Kate Bosworth for being a geek.

When did Hollywood go from this:

To this: