Horton Hears A Who can be considered an instant classic with superb performances from Jim Carey and Steve Carell. The movie has an uplifting message for kids and some subtle jokes to keep parents’ attention.

The Dr. Seuss adaptation holds true to the book. -And is by far the best conversion, horton_hears_a_who_.jpgbeating The Grinch and the appalling Cat in the Hat.

Since the beginning of kids movies, every one could be boiled down to a simplistic moral. Horton seems to focus on diversity, “A person is a person no matter how small”. It stressed the importance of honesty and the freedom to use your imagination. -No one here is complaining about the content of Horton.

It is probably not just a current phenomenon but many recent movies (Golden Compass and the extremely liberal Happy Feet) can cause parents to be up in arms about what their children view. It is impossible to say that media is the only moral defining agent for children but some cases show the effect can not be ignored.

For years Disney has been at the forefront. Are these movies merely teaching children the power of imagination, dreams and determination? -I am not simply talking about the supposed hidden innuendos. I have no intention to spread more fanatical fear but movies subtly instill messages about the role of women, race and culture.

It is hard to paint Disney or any other production company as the bad guy because movies are generally based on other fairy tales or books. Is it the responsibility of animators and companies like Disney to remove details that would seem offensive after deep (maybe too in depth) analysis?

It is hard to escape cultural commentary whether it is the uplifting messages from Dr. Seuss or another writer. Who has to act as the moral reviewer an individual, a critic or MPAA and their rating system?

Since there is no measure of how a film can affect a child how much moderation is needed? It varies, children can grow up watching slasher movies or be banned from Harry Potter and Golden Compass and they all can turn out alright.