From the clunky hand drawn block lettering, to the Indie soundtrack Juno emulates independennapoleon.jpgt sensation Napoleon Dynamite. This is no accident. Studio execs got their hands on the quirky script and figured they could mirror Napoleon’s success.

The movies follow the plight two lovable geeks, the sharp tongued and pregnant Juno (Ellen Page) and the awkward Napoleon (Jon Heder).

The teens and their eccentric families make everyone else look like the Cleavers. Juno deals with her dog obsessed step mom (Allison Janney). Napoleon almost looks normal compared to his Internet addict brother Kip (Aaron Ruell) and football loving Uncle Rico (Jon Gries).

The similarities stop as soon as the characters open their mouths. Both are riddled with fabulous one-liners but each with their own style. Juno spews complexjuno_soundtrack_covers.jpg, hipster insults that may leave some viewers over age 13 feeling out of the loop.

The tone quickly differentiates the two. Juno is set in a real no win situation. She is an unfit mother who chooses a different option for her baby. Napoleon desperately needs to find friends and a date.

Napoleon Dynamite was a cult sensation. Viewers loved it or hated it with little middle ground. Although Juno is the first in what maybe a long line of copycats, it stands as a worthy successor.