Rambo, must have realized the double meaning when they chose the tagline, “Heroes never die… they just reload”. It is quite ridiculous that the action stars that were making movies before I was born are still leading the genre. The movie follows John Rambo as he comes out of the comfort of retirement in Thailand to help a group of mercenaries deliver medical supplies.

Arnold, Bruce Willis, and Sylvestor Stallone are all respected heroes in their former work. These chains have seen the best and the worst of times.

The return of Indiana Jones in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has me curious. Will Harrison Ford still be at the helm or will Shia LaBeouf take over? It has been speculated this sequel set to be released May 22nd may be a father-son story. The last Die Hard did the same thing by partly passing the torch to Justin Long, as the techie sidekick.

SnatchAre there any new next generation action stars emerging? Shia seems to be going for that reputation with Transformers. He does not seem believable. There is a trend to weed out the buff hero and root for the underdog.00013196-473455.jpg00013196-473455.jpg

Jason Stratum and Vinnie Jones have kept the tradition afloat but overall the custom is dying.