Valentine’s day is about love, friendship and the same recycled movie plot line from the beginning of the cinema.Tell me if you have seen this one: the untraditional couple realize how perfect they are for one another and fall in love against all odds. That general outline encompasses everything from Shakespeare to Dirty Dancing.

A majority of chick flicks are far from great pieces of art. I always feel sorry for the poor guys forced into a theater when their choices are between 27 Dresses or Over Her Dead Body.

say_anything_poster.jpgI am not a cynic of love. Love is not instant and has no fairy tale endings. The wedding often ends these sappy tales but, excuse me for being a tad feminist, if that is all I really get to look forward to in life that sucks.

I am not condemning the entire genre. My heart melted when a friend of mine told me he reenacted the scene with the boom box from Say Anything for his then girlfriend. The movies teach us lessons if the message is not lost in the mists of the swallow humor.

I also would like to take this time to make a short public service announcement. If there are any girls planning on seeing 27 Dresses I can save you $7. The dresses are hideous and you can see them online.