There has been an onslaught of 3D films; it is hard to Nightmaredifferentiate whether 3D films are suppose to make films interactive or merely fill seats. A complete list of 3D movies track the first movie back to 1915 entitled Jim the Penman. Since then it has been a mix of theme park attractions and theatre special releases.

Since then a select few of classics have been featured using the technology including the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Jaws and Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas. Most of the time it happens after the original release or simultaneously with normal runs at select theaters.

A few movies like Neil Gaiman’s Beowulf were specifically made for 3D. The story was well written but I have to admit the graphics and the 3D made it a lot more appealing than any other run of the mill action film.

Hannah Montana Miley Ray CyrusThere are two concerts Hannah Montana and U2 that have had huge box office success this month. Part of Hannah Montana’s concert success may be because tickets range from 15 to 18 dollars. It did have a lot of sold out crowds the first week though at least in my area.

U2 has lesser success except among his fan base. He has an excellent message of peace and a strong presence. Viewers may get the sense that he is seconds from ruling the world when they see how the audience receives him at the concert.

These movies really have nothing to them if it were not for the appeal of 3D. 3D has made some improvements since I saw the Thriller 3D experience as a kid; that scared the crap out of me.

It is easy to debate whether 3D is the future of the cinema. The answer is flat out no until they fix a number of problems. First lose the glasses. Some theaters are no long stuck using the paper blue and red monstrousities but still no one can feel that cool sitting in a theater with thick sunglasses. Second make a viable home theater option.

The trend of turning classics into 3D movies makes for a great experience. The film should have something to offer besides just being in 3D. I am looking out for the masses by avoiding another Shark Boy and Lava Girl.