There has been striking moments on television recently where celebrities have lashed out at the media. The irony is not lost here. Honestly how can you destroy the soapbox you are standing on?

The most recent example I saw was Montell Williams. There was a lot of controversy over this because the network decided to end his show after he went on the news. He was being interviewed about Heath Ledger’s death. I am not sure why he would be a good speaker on the subject when he never met Heath. Although Heath Ledger’s death was a tragedy, I completely agree it should not top the nightly news discussion everyday. I think that news had become stale at that point. If there is no updates and it has come down to speculation there has to be some more important things going on in the world.

Lewis Black also had a quite funny spaz attack when he did an interview. He demanded CNN remove the crawl (computer banners, and news ticklers). He had a point. Our attention spans have gone to shit. Nickelodeon does not have any shot last more than two seconds. That does not even that into account that most people are multitasking while watching TV. He actually got some response for the network. They pulled all of the images from his interview after he started his rant.